Added to the Complete Distribution Ecosystem

Apart from the obvious accountable features, our channel manager also offers numerous value added features such as 24x7 live support, exclusive account manager and more.

Exclusive expert to help you anytime anywhere

Your expert and consultant will religiously watch over your property's complete onboarding, training and any other queries you might have. Aiding you to get the most out of the channel manager, the account manager will exclusively help you in taking care of your online distribution needs pre as well as post-sale.

Reap the benefits of mobile channel manager

Regardless of where you are, through eZee's mobile channel manager you can instantly update your hotel's online rates and inventories at the touch of a button. Additionally, from your smartphone, you can monitor your property's online sales, change hotel rates and even utilize the stop sale feature. All the changes will instantly reflect on all associated channels, hotel's website as well as the connected hotel PMS.

Roll over updates

Assisting you further, eZee's online channel manager extends the allocation calendar for 2 years, while the same details in OTA calendar in extensible for only one year. Ensuring the booking ability for the next 365 days from present day, the system performs a process called ‘Roll Over Date’ on a daily basis. For instance, in your distribution you configure your hotel's rates and inventory for 2 years, on the other hand, as you can configure only one year's data, your property is available only for a year. What eZee Centrix does is that it changes the date in the system on day to day basis, which results in the OTA system to process the next day as a new year. At the same time, the distribution system will retrieve the configured inventory from the hotel system, connect it with the OTA and ensure that your property is available for the entire year.

Synchronizing master and derived rate plans

Additionally, aiding you with easy inventory distribution, our online channel manager synchronizes the master rate plans with derived rates, similar to the system of major distribution channels. Thus, if you make any updates to the master rate plan, the system will automatically update the edits on the derived rate plan.

The best thing? Manage your inventory from anywhere, at any time.

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