eZee + Airbnb integration Overflowing pockets with cascading opportunities

Effective synchronisation of rates and availability with Airbnb

Increased exposure for your property

The fastest live inventory updates

More bookings at minimal commission

With Airbnb’s expansion in boutique hotels and more, this is a true win-win!

Why Airbnb for your hotel?

Airbnb offers access to the fastest-growing worldwide travel community to boutique hotels, serviced apartments, hostels, heritage hotels, timeshares, eco lodges, and such more; which provide a unique experience to the guests.

Here are a few of the many benefits that listing on Airbnb will bring you:


You get to highlight the best of your services


You get bookings from verified guests


You review your guests. Your guests review you.

And the best part: You currently pay a mere 15% commission to Airbnb for bookings.

But, Airbnb only accepts the best among your type. You’ll have to be in line with Airbnb’s hospitality standards, and get approved.

Make your Airbnb channel management effortless with eZee

Why choose eZee for your Airbnb channel management?

Because of an unbelievably smooth 2-way integration we have with Airbnb that provides you limitless opportunities.


Full and real-time 2-way connectivity

We have a complete 2-way integration with Airbnb, which lets you showcase your real-time rates and availability on the vacation rental portal.


Manage your messages and promotions on Airbnb

eZee’s Airbnb channel manager allows you to run and manage your promotions as well as handle your messages on Airbnb platform.


Reduced overbookings

Due to a stable connectivity with the vacation rental, eZee’s hotel channel manager automatically updates the inventory and rates in no time, making your Airbnb management effortless.


You get an inbuilt expert advice

It’s not just the connectivity which benefits you, but also the robust features of our vacation rental channel manager. Right from dynamic pricing strategies to competitor analysis and more.


Manage instant rate updates on Airbnb

You don’t need to worry about your rate updates on Airbnb, because we’ve taken that off your plate. Our Airbnb channel manager ensures to update the current rates on Airbnb the instance you revise them.


You get perks of latest technology

With eZee, you’re never left behind. You get to avail the high-ended advantages of eZee’s cutting edge Airbnb software and other perks with top-notch services.

How does the Airbnb integration work?

If you think you’re a perfect fit for Airbnb, just follow these steps, and you’ll start earning revenue from Airbnb in no time.

Step 1: Fill the form above if you want to avail this integration.
Step 2: We’ll contact you to help you get listed on Airbnb.
Step 3: Airbnb checks your details, whether you fit in their criteria.
Step 4: Once Airbnb approves, you get started with bookings and Airbnb management right from eZee Centrix.

By the way, Airbnb has a few set standards for hosts too. Check out how you can become a host here.


Enlist on Airbnb today

*Note: Our channel manager is mandatory to avail this integration.