Optimize hotel operations with ultimate hotel PMS

In ever changing hotel industry, the long-term success of your hotel significantly lies on the use of an efficient property management solution. Evidently, we can't stress enough the importance of an integrated hotel software that automates hotel operations.

eZee is one of the fewest companies to provide complete hospitality solutions at one single point offering a booking engine with channel manager along with a desktop and cloud Property Management Systems. Keeping in mind the complexity of hospitality, eZee solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other facilitating you to streamline all your hotel operations.

eZee Centrix uniformly integrates with our PMS, resultantly; you can efficiently manage daily operations with high quality service. The PMS can aid you in managing booking and reservation trends, room occupancy patterns and help you expedite hotel operations like housekeeping and reporting. Moreover, along with a full-fledged desktop hotel software eZee offers a 100% on cloud property management system as well.

Desktop based Hotel Software

Desktop Based Hotel Software

Packed with unique features such as housekeeping and banquet management, eZee's desktop based hotel software helps you automate your property's daily operations. Regardless of the type of property you own, our PMS can easily accustom to all your requirements while saving you time and helping you increase productivity.

Cloud based Hotel Management System

Online Hotel Management System

eZee's web based hotel management system combines the power of SaaS and strength of cloud computing into one solution. The highly flexible, cloud PMS easily takes care of all important hotel operations and is the perfect solution for hotels to manage their day-to-day functions with ease.

Giving you an intriguing channel manager that goes hand in hand with our hotel management solutions

Powerful Booking Engine