Enumerated analytics and reports

Through eZee’s channel management system, easily analyze and quantify the success of connected channels as per the revenue and bookings received from them. Thus, further evaluating the future strategies and taking necessary measures.

OTA commission / Billing management

To ensure uninterrupted presence at the booking sources and draw in a high number of guests, a hotel maintains an association with various travel agents (online and offline) each having a different commission agreement with the property. For each booking you receive from these associated channels, eZee system automatically detects the contract and the invoice is generated in accordance with the contract. Additionally, automating the process, our channel manager provides you with all the details in ready to use format.


Aiding you to get an efficient and strategic plan, eZee's channel manager provides you with detailed reports, giving you real-time data of the hotel. Merging the data collected from various resources, eZee system provides numerous benefiting reports in easy to read formats. These relevant data is bifurcated in different formats such as Revenue Analysis-OTA wise, revenue monthly breakdown, channel wise bookings etc and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Audit logs

Keeping a track of all the edits and updates made in the system, the audit log in eZee system ensures that your hotel data is completely secured. Till date, we offer 3 types of audit trails including transaction log which records all transactions along with the user information who triggered the action. The inventory log is to store information about the updates in the rates, inventory or stop sale transactions. Lastly, the master log gives you direct access to the changes taking place in the master module dedicated for sensitive operations where any user added, updated or deleted anything according to user wise.

Keep an eye on your competitor's rate

Along with accurate online inventory distribution, the Rate Shopper tool in eZee Centrix allows you to inspect your opponent’s real-time rates gathered from various connected channels and provide you a forecasting of their rates for next 30 days. Thus, you are up to date with the market scenario, thereby helping you devise effective pricing strategies for your hotel and earn maximum revenue.

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